New partner in our distribution network: [..]

We welcome our new partner distri and are looking forward to many exciting releases in 2015.


The Walt Disney Company

From now on the The Walt Disney Company will work together with Kontor New Media in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


Nils Landgren - Gold Award

Nils Landgren just received an Gold award for his new album "Eternal Beauty".


Swiss Music Awards

On March 1st the 6th Swiss Music Awards will take place in Zurich. The Press Play association will be presenting the award to national and international musicians in over ten categories. The evaluation criteria have been defined in a set of rules drawn up in conjunction with Media Control Switzerland.
Among this year's nominees are the artists Müslüm, LiricasAnalas, Pegasus, Sir Colin and Aloan, who are signed to our partner Musikvertrieb. Congratulations und we keep our fingers crossed!

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