This week we introduce you a very talented composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer. We are very much looking forward to working with @dannymulherncomposer !Danny Mulhern releases instrumental music and writes music for film, mostly working with small ensembles, combining contemporary classical with ambient/electronic. Much of his recent work has been with the London Contemporary Orchestra both on scoring for film and TV, and standalone artistic projects. Danny’s newest collection of pieces Singing Through Others, is a further collaboration with musicians from the London Contemporary Orchestra. Incorporating electronics, various live instruments and spoken word, it blurs the lines between genres. Inspired by nature and philosophical work around meaning and sense-making, it is an artistic dialogue with life, and an earnest attempt to feel into to what is emerging in this liminal time we are living through.Be curious! New music will be released in April! #welcometokontornewmedia #dannymulhern #classicalmusic #instrumental #newclassic