Dynamic, Fast, Reliable

Besides top quality, we are known for fast and reliable delivery. Our use of modern hardware and software ensures speedy transmissions to all shops. In the interest of a 100% custom-oriented technical development, our IT team operates directly through in-house development.

Optimum Quality

High data quality is one of our top priorities. Therefore all our products and portals undergo an extensive quality assurance process with our QA team.

Straightforward Cooperation

Our partners are assisted by a label manager with extensive knowledge in the relevant field. Also, all partners have access to our digital support.

Keeping It Safe

All data is fully protected by encrypted transmission from and to our database, as well as multiple backups. Also all our partners receive a custom-designed user profile to match their needs.


In direct contact with the shops, our promotion team develops individual release marketing campaigns together with our partners. We place releases in every store and streaming service for optimal reach and revenues.