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For Serial Success: Kontor New Media Is An Expert In Distribution

TV & Series

Various Contents

We manage more than 500 series and offer our partners within the growing digital TV business unlimited transparency with regard to the overall services and broad expertise in digital distribution.

Marketing Experts

We are in direct contact with the editorial department of shops. Along with our partners we coordinate promotions on the shop pages, but we also proactively create our own campaigns.

Own Development And Technology

With more than 13 years of experience in digital distribution, we have created a top-notch database and technical back-end. This system not only provides pure content management, but also varied solutions for all demands of our partners.


Availability Is The Key To Successful Digital Exploitation

We provide content to various portals and are in close contact with the departments of IT and marketing.


Classic, Genre Highlight Or Latest Smash Hit

Every genre finds its home at Kontor New Media.


Trust Through Transparency

As many as 1,700 partners have entrusted us with their products for digital exploitation, including:


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